Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spending a day away :)

It's been months since my last post. MONTHS. The engagement has been a WHIRLWIND!

Between school, travelling, wedding planning, stressing, and of course trying to lose a bajillion pounds so I can look okay on my wedding day--life is pretty stressful! Probably the hardest part is that Derek and I seem to spend most of our time on wedding errands and not really quality-happy-time...(speaking of which, like five other things just popped into my head that need to be done...)

Just recently, Derek and I did manage to pry ourselves away from all the fuss surrounding the wedding and we took a wonderful trip to SILVERWOOD! Derek is the most fun road-trip taker ever. We didn't even need music on the way there, we just chatted and had fun!
On our way!
We went on the Spin Cycle first. It was so so fun and scary! I screamed the whole time! :)
I really don't like rides like this. Derek made me go on it. I still didn't like it.
(See how much I love you?)
In addition to all the wooden roller coasters, we went on the newish metal one, Aftershock! I have gone on a similar one (Vertigo @ Great America) but it didn't go straight up like this...I was pretty scared, not gunna lie!!! It was crazy fun!

We took a break and got some yummy elephant ears! We still have tons of leftovers.... After our snack, we went on a log flume (I didn't get wet at all....Derek got DRENCHED!) and then ran back to the car to get our swim gear to head over to the water park!

Wave pool! P.S. I have never seen a person love wave pools as much as Derek does. I was laughing so hard I hiccuped for like thirty minutes.

We went on the inter-tube slides,  and then we went on these babies! The speed slides! Derek did all three, and I did the covered one and the one with two hills! I always thought the covered one was less scary, but it seemed to be the craziest of the two.

No matter how tight you cross your legs, you will get a wedgie. But it is fun! Promise!
Getting in and out of the water was so so cold after a while. I didn't want to leave the water (because it felt cold outside of it), but I knew I would have to in order to get my warm clothes back on. We made a break for it, got our stuff, and headed back to the car around closing time. Perfect for us, we hit up a little cafe to get soy hot cocoa... SO YUMMY :)

After a busy day at the theme park, we stopped by Cafe Rio! I took full advantage of Taco Tuesday, and Derek got a really good burrito. By this time, the junk food, sun, and busy day was really hitting me! I went straight to bed when I got home. Our busy day totally tuckered me out!

In the mean time, we have been enjoying our time making meals together, watching shows, and trying to get some wedding stuff somewhat organized. Derek and I also picked out our awesome newlywed apartment! I cannot wait to make it our home!

Thanks for all the love, support, and help as we start our lives together!